Pub History


 The building probably dates from the 1520s and it's said that it was built using timber washed up on Clacton beach

In 1639, it was called 'stringers' because Walter Stringer lived here. Not for long though- because he was clubbed to death by a neighbour who was duly convicted and hanged!

In 1709 Thomas Joy brought this building for £45 and opened it as a inn

John Connold brought The Ship in 1788 for £700 and Cobbold's brewery supplied the beer here for the next 200 years

There used to be a bowling green around the back of here in the 1770's

200 years ago, along with the Queens head, was a centre of village life-trials and meetings were held here and even the dead bodies of villagers was kept here until they were buried in the church yard opposite

There are set to be tunnels from the cellar across to the church and to other buildings nearby.

In 1858 two labourers were sentenced to 14 hard days labour for stealing a glass from here

Up until 1872, the great clacton fair was held outside until it stopped due to vandalism and drunkness

up until the 1890's, there was a school room in this building and a shop at the other end

The building was renovated just before Donna and Dave took the pub over

Thank you to George Hardwick for giving us this information